I'll always be an entertainer: M.S Narayana

Telugu comedian M.S Naryana, who will soon be seen playing lead in spoof-comedy “Crazywala”, about Aam Aadmi Party, has another film titled “Nawab Basha” in a lead role lined up for release. He will be seen playing the title character of Nawab in “Nawab Basha”.

He said that he keep getting offers to play lead roles every now and then, but he’s very choosy about the scripts he chooses. Of course, all his films are high on comedy, but he ensures there’s something for the audience to take back home.

Naryana says irrespective of the role being offered to him, he would always like to entertain audiences. He said that It doesn’t matter if he’s playing a lead role or that of a comedian; he always wants his audience to have entertainment worth their money. People wonder why he sometimes does silly roles, but it’s for these roles audiences laughed the most, he said.