Mrunal Thakur Rashmika

In Tollywood, the top spot for heroines has been up for grabs lately. We’ve been eagerly awaiting who will claim this coveted position.

After the phenomenal success of Sita Ramam and Hi Nanna, many thought Mrunal Thakur had a shot at the title if her movie “Family Star” succeeded. But unfortunately, with the film turning out to be a huge flop, she missed the golden opportunity.

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While Rashmika Mandanna scored big with “Animal” on a national scale, it wasn’t a Telugu film. However, she should get a huge boost with Pushpa 2 coming up.

Sreeleela made a promising start and signed big projects like “Guntur Kaaram,” but her string of failures dimmed her chances.

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Janhvi Kapoor’s prospects for the top spot also look a bit promising, especially if her movies “Devara” and her film with Ram Charan hit big.

Sai Pallavi is another strong contender, but she doesn’t fit the typical commercial heroine mold and she also does Telugu films few and far.

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As for newer heroines, they’re still finding their footing, usually starring in just one or two films. The competition for the top spot is relatively quiet, and it looks like the throne will remain vacant for a few more months.