Is Salman Khan the Rajinikanth of Bollywood?Rajinikanth is considered to be the superstar of South Indian films, but his popularity extends even to the Bollywood where even accomplished actors like Salman Khan would like nothing more than reach the heights Rajinikanth has reached in his own career. Indeed, the actor was heard as saying that he wishes to reach closer to Rajini’s stardom. Salman who is sometimes addressed as Rajinikanth of Bollywood addressed hundreds of fans at a gathering that happened at suburban theatre for the release of his latest film Jai ho. The actor said that he did not consider himself as the Rajinikanth of Bollywood, but if he could ever reach to his heights of success, he would be very happy.

As for Salman’s latest film, it is all about a man fighting for justice, a theme that resonates with Salman Khan since he stands for justice everyday of his life.