KGF 2 Fans Pushing Blame On RajamouliKannada biggie, KGF 2 is going to release on the 14th of April in a big way across the country. There is a very good buzz for this film as the first part and Yash clicked big time with the audience pan-India.

But the lack of promotions now have hurt the fans deeply. As the film is readying itself for a April 14th release, fans say the makers, who are very close to Rajamouli, are giving him and RRR more scope to promote his film.

There is also news that Yash and co will not start the promotions until the release of RRR happens on March 25th. This aspect is not being liked by Kannada fans who also ask whether Rajamouli would have done the same if his film would have been in KGF’s place.

If one can notice, Rajamouli waited until Prabhas Radhe Shyam released and has started promotions. Looks like the same is happening with Yash as he and his team are also waiting for RRR to release in the first place. But Yash fans are blaming Rajamouli for this delay in promotions.