Koratala's Story: Lesson For Trivikram!Acharya’s debacle has turned out to be a lesson not only for those involved with the film but also for everyone in the industry.

According to some trade experts, the huge burden of Acharya’s loss has fallen on Koratala Siva. It is being said that Koratala is selling his own property and paying distributors to do settlements. But Koratala must realize that he himself brought this tragedy upon him.

Instead of concentrating on just direction, Koratala got involved in the production and deal settings between the producers and distributors. His next film with NTR, which was supposed to take off by now, will not start unless he settles the financial mess created by Acharya .

For the last few years, Trivikram is also getting involved in such deal-makings. Vakeel Saab, Bheemla Nayak, and the Vinodaya Sitam remake are projects born out of such deals only. He is also behind the setting up of many small projects involving Sithara Entertainments.

Directors must realize that such project-making deals might sound lucrative at first, but if things go wrong, then it might turn out to be serious trouble, as it became in the case of Koratala Siva.

Directors like Trivikram and Koratala Siva should concentrate on creative things like writing and direction and not get involved in such financial deals. Koratala’s case should be a strong lesson for Trivikram.