Vijay-Deverakonda-Liger-movie-Nude-Aamir-Khan-PK-Vijay Deverakonda had kickstarted the promotions of Liger releasing a poster. The poster has Vijay in a naked post covering his genitals with roses.

While some people call it a bold act, the poster had kickstarted a sea of trolls. Some call Vijay a Tarzan, some call him a Mowgli, etc.

Aamir Khan did a similar act in PK but Vijay is subjected to severe trolls.

Some even go to the extent of saying Aamir may have done it with purpose and it may not be the case with Liger.

It is too early to decide that but Vijay and Puri definitely achieved their target.

The poster has become the center of discussions and debates on social media since morning.

Hashtags like #VijayDeverakonda, #Liger, #SexiestPosterEver, etc are trending on Twitter.

Some of these trolls are having fun and some are being unreasonable.

But either way, trolls have immensely contributed to the biggest buzz about the film to date.

There are numerous memes as well. Obviously, all of them will find their way to Whatsapp and expand the film’s offline reach.

Liger is the biggest ever project in Vijay Deverakonda’s career and is also his most ambitious to date. The movie will release across the country on August 25th.