Actress Madhu Shalini, known for her films with Ram Gopal Varma, hasn’t had her luck as a successful actress, doing only small roles every now and then. The time has come for her to prove her mettle in a mythological role in a short film titled Seethavaalokhanam, in which she will be seen playing Sita.

Being helmed by Madala Venu, this film will narrate the story of Ramayana from the perspective of a woman. Madhu says that unlike the usual story of Ramayana, this one is interesting as it is being narrated by Sita to Ahalya. She also said it wasn’t easy to take up the role as she had to practice reciting dialogues in ancient Telugu accent.

Madhu hopes to find interesting Telugu projects after this short film. She said that it has given her an opportunity to perform and she hopes to impress as many as possible with the same.