Mahesh Babu recently faced a massive disappointment with Trivikram Srinivas, and his project “Guntur Kaaram” will forever remain regrettable for both.

However, for Mahesh, it didn’t matter much, as he immediately moved on to Rajamouli’s movie. He is currently in rigorous workout mode for the action film.

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According to inside reports, he is gaining weight and trying to bulk up his body for this ambitious project. While we have seen Mahesh in lean and fit looks so far, this is the first time he’s bulking up and gaining weight.

Mahesh will be seen in a fit and bulky mode, necessary for heavy action films. There have been numerous complaints about his looks in recent films, as no director has perfectly nailed his appearance or hair.

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Rajamouli and his team are known for presenting their heroes in their career-best looks, so we hope Mahesh’s appearance issues will be fixed for this project.