One more actor has joined the list of people who have expressed their displeasure over the way the state has been divided. The latest entrant is Manchu Manoj and he took to micro blogging site Twitter to express his frustration. The actor didn’t mention any names directly in his initial round and criticized a politician for handling the whole situation without actually caring for the people.

Many of his followers assumed the person to be Chiranjeevi, unsurprisingly based on his family history and the way things have been going in the state and the former actor’s responses over it. Sensing the can of worms he has opened, Manchu Manoj immediately condemned that it’s not Chiranjeevi as he has been elected by the people. But by then the damage has already been done with the number of responses targeting the central minister.

Do you think it was intentional on part of Manchu Manoj or was it people who got it all wrong? Also has Chiranjeevi now officially become the punching bag for everyone, what with the latest rumors emerging about him as he being the last Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, especially under the current murky circumstances? What do you think? Share us your thoughts.