Manchu Vishnu Maa ElectionsThe current president of MAA, Manchu Vishnu has taken a very interesting decision. He has decided not to contest in the next MAA elections, it seems.

Vishnu took part in a MAA body meeting and announced that he doesn’t intend to contest in the coming elections.

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Vishnu won against Prakash Raj in 2021 October and generally, the elections are to be held once every two years.

But this time around, the election are proposed to be held in May. The final call on the same is yet to be taken for now, though.

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Vishnu promised to build a MAA building once he is elected as the president of MAA. He did get elected and even vowed to build the MAA building in his own land. An affirmative development in this regard is awaited for now though.

Now that Vishnu has announced he is not contesting in the next election, it has to be seen who will be up for the task in the next one.

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