Galaxy Cinemas Shut Down

Bollywood is in a worse crisis than during the pandemic. Major movies like Bade Miyan Chote Miyan and Maidaan for Eid turned out to be huge disasters. Recent releases like Do Aur Do Pyaar and Love Sex Aur Dhokha 2 also didn’t do well.

Looking ahead, there are no significant movie releases, not even mid-range ones. This has forced some theaters to temporarily close, with others thinking of doing the same to avoid losses.

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The 800-seater Galaxy, part of Mumbai’s G7 multiplex, owned by Manoj Desai, shut down on April 19, leaving them shocked.

Reduced ticket prices and showtimes haven’t attracted audiences as expected. Some distributors are considering shutting down theaters to save on electricity bills since running them without content doesn’t make sense financially.

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Filmmakers are avoiding May releases due to the Lok Sabha Elections, but exhibitors doubt this reasoning. There are many films released during the election season in the past like Main Hoon Naa, 2 States, and others which went on to become huge hits. During the last Lok Sabha Elections, Avengers set new records.

Exhibitors are the worst affected. Producers make money by selling their films to the distributor. The distributor then sells it to exhibitors. And they suffer the most.

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The producers are looking at excuses to not release the films. 80 to 90% of them are afraid of the box office. This is because they have forgotten how to make box-office-friendly films. They make films keeping in mind OTT platforms. They could have at least released mid-sized films.

Exhibitors say that apart from Shah Rukh Khan and to some extent Salman Khan, no Bollywood actor has a strong following. The success of movies depends heavily on content; without it, they’re rejected on the opening day itself.

The situation isn’t much better in the Telugu film industry. After Tillu Square, no movie has been successful. Many big-budget movies have been postponed to the second half of the year due to elections.

Theaters are empty due to the lack of content, and relying on dubbed films isn’t enough to survive.

The trade believes May will also be dry for the box office except for one or two films, but they hope for improvement by June.