Nag Ashwin

Prabhas and director Nag Ashwin’s upcoming sci-fi action drama Kalki 2898 AD has reportedly received a U/A certificate from the Censor Board.

Scheduled to release on June 27, the film will be available in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam. It has a runtime of 2 hours and 51 minutes.

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There is a lot of interesting stuff that can be shown in the film as the film deals with Mahabharata, Indian Mythology, and the dystopian future.

It all depends on how Nag Ashwin justifies, executes, and mixes up these intriguing concepts into a heady concoction in those three hours. The screenplay of Kalki 2898 AD must be extremely engaging and absorbing.

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Sci-fi films in India have rarely been big hits, as the audience often struggles to connect with tech-savvy themes. So Nag Ashwin must tell this story in an exciting, intelligent, and logical manner that connects with today’s audiences and is also understood by the masses.

‘Animal’ was a rare exception, and usually lengthy films make the audience feel bored, tired, and exhausted. Prabhas’ last films, Adipurush and Salaar, also suffered a lot and underperformed because of its lengthy run time.

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Nag Ashwin faces the challenge of keeping the audience glued to their seats for nearly three hours.

As the first part of the Kalki series, there’s a risk that viewers might feel unsatisfied if the ending doesn’t deliver a complete experience. Nag Ashwin must ensure that audiences feel their time and money were well invested.

Despite its lengthy 2 hours and 51 minutes runtime, Kalki 2898 AD should leave audiences craving for more, which will mark Nag Ashwin’s real victory.