Narappa Trailer TalkThe trailer of Venkatesh starrer and much-hyped Narappa is out, finally. It is packed with action and has Venkatesh in angry mode, as a young guy and then in an old get up. It is a frame-to-frame remake, though.

Narappa, as many might be aware, is a remake of the Tamil movie Asuran starring Dhanush. The trailer gives us clarity as to what one can expect from the film. It is a faithful recreation of the original. We can understand that from the trailer itself, which is cut as it is like Asuran’. The background score, too, is taken as it is.

The only questions related to the remake are about Venkatesh (in the younger get up) and the direction of Srikanth Addala, known for soft family entertainers. On both scores, it looks like they have managed to pass without entirely becoming a drawback. It is based on the trailer, though, and we need to look at the complete picture to get the reality.

More than Venkatesh, Srikanth Addala would be relieved a lot if Narappa succeeds. He could get back to his original works, then. Venkatesh meanwhile has another remake, Drushyam 2, to look forward.

Check out the trailer below. Priya Mani makes a comeback to Telugu cinema after a long gap. Mani Sharma provides the music. Narappa will be out digitally, streaming on Amazon Prime Video from July 20th.