Netflix Amazon Prime VideoThanks to the OTT revolution in India, global OTT giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video has been extensively focusing on the regional market. And when it comes to catering to the Indian audience, Amazon Prime Video is much ahead of Netflix.

Going into the story, Amazon Prime Video has been taking extra care about the dubbed versions of original Indian titles. The quality of dubbing in other languages, translated songs, and subtitles on Amazon Prime is miles ahead of Netflix.

Netflix, for some reason, has been taking a pedestrian stance when it comes to dubbed releases. There are instances when Netflix used Hindi songs for the Telugu dubbed versions of the original Hindi language films. This shows that they are not diligent enough when it comes to working on the dubbed versions. This is as atrocious as it can get.

While Amazon Prime has been making most of the content by releasing the titles in maximum number of languages with quality dubbing, and other technical aspects, Netflix’s sloppy work has been earning them nothing but flak.

It is heard that Netflix’s forthcoming OTT outing, featuring a star heroine will have Hindi songs in the Telugu dubbed version. This pretty much sums up the situation.