Nithiin Director's Abusive Tweets, Fake or Real?Nithiin‘s upcoming social drama Macherla Niyojaka Vargam has been in news for a wrong reason. The film is directed by debutante M.S Raja Shekhar Reddy.

On social media, people have dug up some of the old tweets of director Reddy where he has allegedly spewed venom against some ‘specific’ castes by hurling abuses.

People are sharing screenshots of the abusive tweets and tagging him. Netizens say that he is a hardcore YS Jagan supporter and TDP hater, and in the past, he has used bad words against the Kamma and Kapu caste and posted several trolls on TDP chief like a troll handle.

Now hero Nithiin has come in support of his director and tweeted that most of those abusive tweets are fake and requested people not to share them. But the damage is already done as the director in the past posted several hatred tweets against party. Now the party supporters are deeply upset and this will hurt the film losing the positivity. Not only TDP fans, Pawan Kalyan’s JSP supporters and Mega fans too deeply upset with the alleged tweet and language used.

Now it’s for all of you to decide if the screenshots are real or fake. Macherla Niyojaka Vargam releases on August 12.

Director’s few old tweets on Chandrababu Naidu;

Below is the tweet Rajasekhar Reddy says fake:

Nithiin clarification: