No Money, No Sexual Favors Making This Heroine A VillainShe is a big heroine in the Telugu film industry. There are rumors that she is known for throwing big tantrums while film shoots. Every week, we hear some negative or the other about her. It is true to such an extent but is not entirely true, sources say.

She struggled in her career initially and people used to put her into a lot of trouble. But once her time started, she decided to pay back and expects everyone to treat her like a queen. People need her but can not stand this behavior.

The tantrums are not the only reason. She is cut-throat when people try to make money out of her. Even the people around her could not make money from her or use her name. And she is strict No about people expecting sexual favors.

As a result, they make her further bad. But then, she would say ‘I don’t care as long as my time is running. She is not a saint when it comes to tantrums but it is not entirely her mistake.