JR_NTR_Bimbisara_Part_Two_SequelBimbisara has turned out to be a blockbuster and a money-spinner for everyone concerned. Kalyan Ram’s career got a big boost from the film. But it seems Nandamuri fans aren’t happy.

Many NTR fans are saying that NTR should have done Bimbisara. The story of a ruthless king turned into a hero would have suited NTR the most. With better technical values, his histrionics in the role of Bimbisara would have been a treat for the fans. They are feeling sad about the opportunity missed.

But people should realize that people have very high expectations from an NTR film. The story of Bimbisara was very basic, and it wouldn’t have worked with NTR in it. Because of Kalyan Ram, there were not many expectations from the film, which turned out to be Bimbisara’s USP, and people were pleasantly surprised.

If NTR was cast in the film, the film would have been trolled for many things. It’s good that NTR didn’t do the film, as NTR needs a better storyline and an even better execution.

Inside sources claim that Raj Tarun was supposed to be the hero of Bimbisara. So imagining NTR in the film sounds ridiculous.

Some fans are also expecting that NTR might be a part of Bimbisara 2, which we guess might not be true. NTR will promote it, but no way he would act in the film, even in a cameo.