Confirming the multiple rounds of speculations that have been trending on social media, the much-hyped collaborative film that marks the coming together of Tollywood director Prasantha Varma and Bollywood hero Ranveer Singh has been shelved.

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The media communication from the team said, Ranveer stated “ Prasanth is a very special talent. We met and explored the idea of a film together. Hopefully, we will collaborate on something exciting in the future.”

Prasanth Varma said, “Ranveer’s energy and talent is rare to find. We shall manifest our forces combining soon sometime in the future.”

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This film, titled Brahmarakshasa, has been shelved and creative differences are said to be the reason behind the same.

In reality, a lot rode on Prasanth after the blockbuster success of HanuMan and this added more buzz to the collaboration with Prasanth. But sadly for those involved, the film has been shelved now. The collab between a Tollywood director and a Bollywood hero hasn’t ended on an expected note.

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It would have been fun to see a creative filmmaker like Prasanth work with an excessively outward hero like Ranveer but it just wasn’t to be.