Allu Aravind

Ace producer Allu Aravind attended the Kotabommali PS release event under the GA2 Pictures banner, known for its focus on small-scale films.

M9 asked Allu Aravind why Geetha Arts had ceased making big-budget films and was now primarily concentrating on smaller productions.

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Allu Aravind attempted to explain the rising production costs. However, when pressed further that his family was associated with some of the industry’s highest-paid actors. He clarified that only 20% of the budget goes towards the star heroes’ paychecks, with the rest of the budget is allocated to production expenses.

He refuted the common argument that escalating movie costs were primarily due to these star heroes, asserting that heroes are becoming part of big budge films, not the other way around.

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Allu Aravind cited Yash as an example, citing the production costs of “KGF,” is much higher than hero’s remuneration. However, it’s important to note that our initial question pertained to star heroes receiving hefty paychecks, not actors like Yash, making Aravind’s example less relevant in this context.

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