Dil_Raju_F3_OTT_ReleaseIt is becoming increasingly common for most Telugu films to head for early OTT release. Radhe Shyam, Acharya, Pushpa, all have gone for early OTT release. Of late, filmmakers have been saying that their films will not arrive on OTT anytime soon, but most of these films are arriving on OTT in or under 4 weeks.

If there is one person who has kept his word about OTT release window, it would be Dil Raju. He said F3 will not arrive on OTT for at least 8 weeks from its theatrical release and stood by it. The film released on 27 May and it still hasn’t arrived on its OTT partner, Sony Liv.

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Even after F3’s box office run drew to a close, Dil Raju is waiting for the initially announced time period before releasing the film on OTT. He is the only mainstream producer who stood by his word and held his film back from the standard 4-week OTT release.

The producer’s council has now reportedly decided to sign a clause for every film, saying it should not arrive on OTT at least 50 days from its theatrical release. This move is a bid to pull the audience to the theaters by clearly implying that early OTT release is no longer a tradition.

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