Jr NTR -Stands Like A Rock In The Middle Of StormMegastar Chiranjeevi has led a delegation of Tollywood Stars to Tadepalli to please Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and get relief in Ticket Rates. What has happened there painted a very disturbing picture for fans. Someone like Megastar Chiranjeevi downgraded himself and went into pleading mode.

It is disturbing also for Mahesh fans to see the Superstar being so submissive. It was heartbreaking for fans to see their idols go on their knees to satisfy someone’s ego. NTR who is on the guest list for CM’s appointment skipped the flight at the last minute. Nagarjuna also skipped the flight for a different reason.

But then, when it comes to NTR, it is a different game altogether. Mahesh Babu is someone who is very conscious about getting himself affiliated with political parties. He did not even go to campaign for his Brother-in-law’s election for the same reason. When he went all the way to Tadepalli and praised the CM, just imagine the pressure he is under.

And now imagine the pressure on NTR which would have been 100 times more than what is on Mahesh’s. But then, NTR had displayed political acumen and took a wise decision in the best interests of fans and his future political ambitions. It would have been painful for his fans and political supporters to see him sitting before the CM and plead him referring to him as ‘Sir’.

NTR had stood like a rock amid the storm not once but always from his childhood. This is not the first time he faced such a tricky situation with respect to politics but he always somehow made the right decision at the last minute – be it in Bhuvaneshwari’s issue, response on NTR’s district, and now, this episode. To a star to display such individuality amid political pressure is amazing.