Pawan Kalyan spoke for 2 hours regarding his political reentry. To summarize the entire speech, ‘Congress Hatao – Desh Bachao’ is the slogan given by Pawan Kalyan in the end of the speech which indicates the birth of an anti-Congress party in both Seema Andhra and Telangana regions. Through out the speech, Pawan Kalyan took pot shots on Congress leaders right from Sonia Gandhi to V.Hanumantha Rao.

Most of his speech moved around state bifurcation, he attacked TRS and its leaders directly. He alleged them for using divisive politics and creating hatred among the people of both the regions. And the same time, he was able to convince through his speech that he is not against Telangana state but is only annoyed and hurt with the way the state is bifurcated. He also indirectly questioned the corruption done by TRS party in the name of Telangana movement.

At the end of the speech, he also clarified that he is not sure that if his party will contest 2014 elections but will certainly tour the entire state and vouch for the peace in both the region. He also cleared that he is ready to join hands with any party to plunge Congress in to Bay of Bengal. At the same time, he went soft on his brother Chiranjeevi who remained as a mere spectator to the bifurcation despite being a union minister.

Tail Piece: As Pawan Kalyan is delivering his emotional speech. Digvijay Singh is brain storming Congress’ Poll campaign in Seema Andhra with AP Congress Poll Committee President, Chiranjeevi.