Pawan Kalyan to join TDP – what’s true and what not !

If the reports coming in the media and the activities and meetings going on behind the scenes are all taken into consideration one is lead to believe that Pawan Kalyan has indeed decided to join Telugu Desham Party (TDP). There are reports that the actor has recently met Nandamuri Balakrishna at his residence for a meet to discuss on this issue. And as we have reported earlier too Pawan Kalyan had met media baron Ramoji Rao too. Don’t all this point towards Pawan Kalyan joining in TDP?

However we have a little bit of inside scoop as well on this issue. Well we also hear that Pawan Kalyan has not met Balakrishna at his residence and that it’s a media creativity but he had indeed met Ramoji Rao and TDP chief N Chandra Babu Naidu a lot earlier. However what’s interesting with this meets, says a section, which has not been covered so far is that, Pawan Kalyan seems to have turned completely against Congress and its activities, the way it has handled the state affairs in the state and hence he is looking at a platform to vent out his anger on them. He reportedly isn’t bothered on which party he would take but the bottom line seems to be to go all out on Congress.

Since Pawan Kalyan has limited choice for platform to take to vent his anger, rumors about him joining TDP have surfaced. Also if the actor feels that there is no such real platform or alternative to oppose congress other than TDP, then he might as well join it, as his real aim is somewhere else. So here is the bottom line, Pawan Kalyan wants to go on a rampage against Congress for their handling of the state and poor treatment meted out to our people. In this process if he finds there is no bigger platform than TDP, he wouldn’t hesitate in joining TDP. Do you support this view of his? Do you think he can do the same criticizing by attaching himself with some other party and yet managing to create the impact? Or do you simply want him to continue with movies and don’t care about all this Congress, TDP and politics mess?