With the whole state unstable, many things are happening and many politicians are changing their words. Not very long ago, K. Kavitha, Chief, Telangana Jagruthi, has welcomed Pawan Kalyan and his party into politics saying that any person who has the will and determination to do good to the people and serve the society is heartily welcomed into politics. But now, we get to hear contrary thoughts from the same person.

She related her words to what her father, KCR, said about Pawan Kalyan and has said that the people of Telangana have to be aware of Pawan Kalyan’s party. Many people come into politics but they are not to be trusted. Previously, Chiranjeevi set up a party, made people believe and suddenly, merged it into Congress. All those youth who have trusted that party are now unable to cope with their debts. She has demanded Pawan to apologize the youth of Telangana about the problems they’ve inserted through PRP and only then enter into politics.

Speaking something a week ago and, modifying it to something completely opposite is what Kavitha did, now. How trustworthy is she, when she herself changed her words, right in front of the people should we just look at it as altering the words is a common political trait?