Ever since Pawan Kalyan addressed the people in the gathering at Tirupathy and started to take the opposition to the cleaners, attacks on Pawan Kalyan too have increased. First it was from the political party members and now even few members from the film fraternity too have come forward with scathing remarks on the actor. Industry people like Natti Kumar, Thamma Reddy Bharadwaj and even actor like Raja have fired on Pawan Kalyan.

However many say its last minute refuge opted by the people Pawan Kalyan is openly criticizing as the star’s campaign is receiving wonderful response. His commitment to a cause, to support an alliance without willing or wishing to get any benefit out of it is the reason for this positivity, many feel along with the speeches which have gained huge popularity. And it’s seen as a desperate act when people are criticizing Pawan Kalyan even when he is not in it for the power.