Young actress Piaa Bajpai (Back Bench Student fame) is all the rage in the Kollywood these days for her admirable talent for bubbly roles. But when asked about her feelings on the subject, Piaa does not seem very happy about being stereotyped. After her successful stint in Ko, Piaa was offered a lot of similar roles. She explains the she actually got bored of the bubbly roles and was looking for a fresh character to play. Kootaam was a godsend to her and now the film is concurrently being made in Telugu as Dhalam.

To break the monotony of her roles, Piaa is now appearing in a film called Koottam where she plays the role of a Tamil Brahmin girl called Shruti. According to her it will be the first time that Piaa will be seen in traditional pavadai dhavani throughout the film.