Prabhas Report Card: Much Below Expectations?

Prabhas became a household name after the Baahubali series, making him one of the biggest pan-India stars with global stardom and tremendous goodwill. So, how well did he utilize the stardom given by Baahubali? Let’s see.

Prabhas’ Saaho was released in 2019, two years after the tsunami called Baahubali 2. Due to the tremendous goodwill and stardom earned by Prabhas from Baahubali, Saaho took a flying start, not only in Telugu states but also in Hindi. However, the film was such a huge fiasco that it couldn’t survive after the first weekend.

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Then came Radhe Shyam in 2022. The film didn’t look exciting right from the beginning. Due to Prabhas’ stardom, it somewhat got a respectable opening but fizzled out on the second day, turning out to be a huge disaster.

Adipurush was touted to be the next 1000-crore film from India, due to the subject, Prabhas as Ram, and a nationalistic fervor in the country. But no one imagined director Om Raut would turn this into a cartoon film. Adipurush turned out to be the most trolled film of our times. Prabhas’ goodwill and image got a serious dent after Adipurush in the Hindi belts. The film was no less than blasphemy, earning 400 crore worldwide.

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Prabhas’ redemption came with Prashanth Neel’s Salaar. The film delivered what Prabhas’ fans expected to see from him. Salaar did well in the North also due to the action genre. The film was a huge grosser (600 crores worldwide), though it didn’t make enough money to recover the high costs involved. There were many flaws and Salaar would always be considered underwhelming as more was expected from the Baahubali actor and KGF director combo.

Then we have Kalki 2898 AD, released last week, which is doing well. Once again, the film missed the mark of being a perfect blockbuster for Prabhas. The film dragged and was very boring in the first half; however, the second half delivered the much-needed punch. The film is on course to do 800-900 crore worldwide business in its lifetime. This is the best film of Prabhas since Baahubali 2, but even this one is mid and not realizing Prabhas’ true potential.

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If with middling content like Kalki, Prabhas can give an 800-900 crore grosser, then imagine if he gets a film that is good from start to finish.

The goodwill of Baahubali is still playing a part in Prabhas’ career. It’s time he delivers a film that is good in all aspects, with good drama, solid emotional connect, and kickass action.

Hope Spirit from Sandeep Reddy Vanga turns out to be that film.

As far as Prabhas’ report card post-Baahubali is concerned, he has 3 huge flops and 2 decent films. It can be considered satisfactory, but much more was expected from Prabhas after Baahubali.