Pranab to watch Damarukam

It looks like the big shot film Damarukam has captured the interest of honourable President Pranab Mukherjee. Based on the devotional tale of Lord Shiva saving the Earth through the annihilation of an evil rakshasha, the movie first came up on the president’s radar to watch.

According to the Director, “I did send a letter to the President and felt glad that he liked the devotional storyline about Lord Shiva celebrating the victory of good over evil. But the screening is yet to be confirmed. It would be a great honour for our entire team.”

Apparently Srinivas Reddy has been given an appointment by the President’s office for a brief chat with Mukherjee during his short stay at the Rashtrapathi Nilayam in Hyderabad. The Director is supposed to make arrangements to display the film either at Rashtrapathi Nilayam or Rashtrapathi Bhavan in New Delhi according to the President’s wishes.