Prashanth Varma

Prasanth Varma’s movie “HanuMan,” starring Teja Sajja, became the biggest hit of the year till now. Now, talks are swirling about its sequel, “Jai HanuMan.”

Additionally, Varma is considering a new project with Ranveer Singh, a lavish period film inspired by Indian mythology.

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Ranveer was impressed by “HanuMan” and has been discussing the new film with Varma for three months. Although Ranveer is enthusiastic about the project, he understands the challenges it presents, such as securing funding from strong producers and studios.

Currently, Ranveer and Varma are in negotiations with various studios, including T Series, Viacom 18, and Jio Studios.

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Ranveer Singh is a talented actor but his off-screen image among the neutral audience isn’t that positive.

His over-the-top fashion sense, his cheesy antics, and taking scandalous decisions like doing condom ads with adult stars like Johnny Sins haven’t gone too well with the common audience.

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So Prashanth Varma approaching him for a lavish period film inspired by Indian mythology might backfire.

However, in terms of acting, Ranveer is extremely talented and does a lot of hard work to get into the skin of the character. So Prashanth Varma’s decision to cast Ranveer can also turn out to be a masterstroke.