Puri Maintains Pin Drop Silence! On the eve of Superstar Mahesh Babu’s birthday, his fans arranged special shows for Mahesh’s Industry hit, Pokiri, across twin Telugu states and also in the USA.

But the twist in the tale is that Pokiri director Puri Jagannadh has not uttered a single word about the film special shows. Reports suggest that close to 400 special shows for Pokiri were organized, but Puri didn’t even post a tweet about the celebrations.

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People on social media are saying that there was no reason to disown the film in such a manner. Pokiri is his biggest hit, and he should have made himself a part of the promotions.

Superstar fans were saying that he might have had some differences with Mahesh in the past but ignoring such massive celebrations is just not fair. His participation would also have helped in the promotions of his upcoming film Liger. People say that he missed a golden opportunity.

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Recently Gunasekhar attended the special show arranged by Mahesh Babu fans for Okkadu at Imax and was even involved in cake cutting celebrations at the theater.

If we notice, even Mahesh didn’t speak a word about Pokiri re-release celebrations. It was only superstars’ fans mania all over!

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