Puri-Jagannadh--Vijay-Deverakonda--Charmi-KaurA film of Puri Jagannadh repeating any star would be a standard deal even after iSmart Shankar. Similarly, Vijay Deverakonda making a new film with anyone after Dear Comrade would be another attempt from him that would be content dependent on getting noticed. However, when one brings them together, it is an explosive combination, that excites everyone.

The problems that Puri Jagannadh and Vijay Deverakonda have individually are ironed out when they come together. Imagine two negatives giving a positive scenario. It is especially more so after Puri Jagannadh has delivered a success like iSmart Shankar.

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Puri Jagannadh has worked with almost all the star heroes. With a few, he has done multiple times. So a new film with them lacks surprise and freshness. That is where an upcoming star like Vijay Deverakonda comes to his advantage. It was the same case with iSmart Shankar where he worked for the first time with Ram.

A much bigger problem (negative) is faced by Vijay Deverakonda who is desperately in need of a makeover. It is not just the physical appearance, but entire body language and slang wise. Puri Jagannadh has mastered this art. Even if the movie fails, one thing that is rest assured is that he changes the whole outlook of a star. Vijay Deverakonda shouldn’t mind that at all, now.

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Also, Vijay Deverakonda’s next is a film under Kranthi Madhav’s direction. Imagine a movie with Puri Jagannadh going to sets next. It helps the star even if the current one fails. The openings of the flick with Puri Jagannadh won’t be affected.

In short, it is a win-win deal for both the parties, even if they fail. Now, imagine if Puri Jagannadh springs a surprise ala iSmart Shankar, and comes up with a robust engaging and fresh content. Both will be looking at scoring their career-best grossers.

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