Puri Jagannadh Manisharma Double Ismart

Director Puri Jagan, who once commanded a huge fan following, lost all of that with continuous flops one after another.

His last pan-India film, Vijay Deverakonda’s ‘Liger’, turned out to be a nightmare for everyone involved.

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Now, he is back with Ram, again with ‘Double iSmart’, a sequel to ‘iSmart Shankar’.

‘iSmart Shankar’ worked mainly due to multiple chartbuster songs provided by Manisharma.

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However, Mani also failed to seize a big opportunity like ‘Acharya’ and was recently seen blaming star heroes for not giving him chances.

In a way, ‘Double iSmart’ is very crucial for both Director Puri and Music Director Mani Sharma. If one fails, the other will fail, affecting each other. Hope they will come back together strong with a hit.

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