Sukumar’s rise to becoming a pan-India director wasn’t planned; it happened without much stress or planning, looking back.

Cut to now, Sukumar is steering the massive and highly potential pan-India project like Pushpa 2. But strangely, his brand has yet to reach the North audience.

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North audiences are only familiar with Rajamouli, Prashanth Neel, and Sandeep Vanga. Even today, as Pushpa 2 promotional material is coming out, there is no chatter about Sukumar; people only talk about his film Pushpa in the North.

But the same audience readily identifies other directors’ movies as Rajamouli’s movie, Prashanth Neel’s film, or Sandeep Vanga’s movie. This is exactly where Sukumar is lagging behind significantly.

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Usually, fans of a particular film hype or identify the film by elevating the director as well, not just the hero, like Neel mass elevations, Vanga madness etc. Here, that’s not happening at all.

Pushpa as a brand has penetrated the North, but the director’s name has not reached the masses, which should be a major worry for Sukumar.

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Allu Arjun, too, should give a push to brand Sukumar during promotions in the Hindi belt, as ultimately, he is the one who has benefited most from Sukumar.