Allu Arjun

Allu Arjun’s Pushpa 2 is the biggest film of the year. There are other big pan-India releases this year like Kalki, Game Changer, and Kanguva, but none of them as of now seem bigger than Pushpa 2. The hype for the film is on a different level.

The excitement for “Pushpa 2” is huge. It’s not just in India, but also across the globe. People are eagerly waiting to see what Allu Arjun brings to the screen this time.

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The demand for the movie’s rights is crazy. A distributor is ready to offer a whopping 100 crores just for the Nizam theatrical rights. This bid is even bigger than what was seen for the blockbuster “RRR.”

The film’s overseas theatrical rights are also in high demand since buyers are quite excited by its hype.

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Megastar Chiranjeevi is a senior hero now. Pawan Kalyan isn’t very serious about movies and is more dedicated to politics. Ram Charan is the only one who has the capability to take the Mega Family stardom forward.

But even Ram Charan isn’t up to Allu Arjun’s standards on the pan-India level. Allu Arjun achieved pan-India stardom with Pushpa 2 single-handedly.

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Ram Charan also made it huge with RRR, but he had the backing of SS Rajamouli. Allu Arjun created his own fan base, unlike Ram Charan who inherited his father’s fandom.

In terms of hype, records, business, and non-theatrical rights, “Pushpa 2” stands head and shoulders above other Mega Family projects. If Pushpa 2 becomes a huge success, Allu Arjun will become the face of the Mega Family. He would be above everyone else in the Mega Family.