Manish Shah Pushpa MoviePushpa performed well in Hindi markets surprising everyone. If someone did not trust the film, it is the Hindi producer, Goldmines Telefilms Manish Shah. He brought the film’s Hindi rights even before the movie is a Pan-India film. He was reluctant to release the film in theaters when the makers pushed him for a Hindi release.

He even wanted to have them take the risk to release the movie in theaters. Manish Shah is enjoying the success of the film. More than anything else, the PR he is enjoying in National media is something really surprising. He has been giving interviews as if he is behind Pushpa’s success and the revival of the Hindi theatrical business.

There are many interviews wherein he is analyzing the reasons for Pushpa’s success and is lecturing on where Hindi Cinema is faltering.

Interestingly, Manish Shah is now after the Telugu films and is eager to release them in theaters to make quick bucks. We have seen him trying to release Ala Vaikuntapurramuloo’s dubbed version in theaters even as the movie is being remade in Hindi as Shehzada.

The makers of the remake version had to stop the release somehow. Social media says this Hungama reminds the popular Telugu saying – Kotha Bichagadu Poddherugadu.