Radhe Shyam BO: The Inevitable Mega Crash HappensThe signs were visible from the opening day; well, the inevitable has happened. Radhe Shyam has seen a mega crash across the board. While the trade expected a ‘crash’, the Prabhas starrer surpassed expectations.

The early estimates suggest that Radhe Shyam has collected a little above 2 Cr on the first Monday. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if the actual total is a little lower as well. It is that sort of crash seen with Radhe Shyam.

Every territory is expected to lose heavily. Radhe Shyam will fail to recover even fifty percent of its investment if there is no sustenance even at this low level. In some areas, it will be even more. The same would be the case, even if one looks at the overall picture.

Radhe Shyam’s romantic genre with no action has played a spoilsport here. Prabhas’s last flick, Saaho, too met with a disastrous response, but the movie fared much better in comparison as it was an action spectacle.

The last time Prabhas had a disaster of this level was way back in 2006 with Pournami. Since then, he has had failures, but not to the level that even half of the investments weren’t recovered.

If this is the case in Telugu, where Prabhas is a bonafide star, one can imagine the situation in other languages. Radhe Shyam is practically a washout in Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi. The last of these at least had some number to speak off, but it’s way off from the recovery price.