Radhika vs Lilly

The name ‘Radhika’ became popular among youth and ladies since DJ Tillu’s release, and the associated dialogue has also created great recall value for the film. Neha Shetty played the role of ‘Radhika’ and stole the show.

Now the sequel is out, and Anupama Parameswaran played the love interest for Tillu, this time as ‘Lilly’. The film is exceeding everyone’s expectations from overseas to Nizam.

Now the question is, Siddhu is, of course, the backbone of the film, but between the two leading ladies, ‘Radhika’ vs ‘Lilly’, who pulled off the screen presence better and earned the fanbase?

Though audiences are equally enjoying the sequel, it is ‘Radhika’ who unambiguously stole the show and dominated ‘Lilly’.

The majority of it goes with the way the roles were written and presented as well. In the first part, the way Neha Shetty’s role was written, the situations that fell in place between Tillu and her were so organic to create fun, tense moments. Neha too pulled off with ease with her screen presence.

When it comes to Tillu Square, though Anupama Parameswaran did not spoil anything, the role isn’t any memorable for her. It’s just about a few deep lip locks and presenting herself more as a glam girl. The situations between Lilly and Tillu were not as fun or as magical as Tillu and Radhika’s banter.

In fact, there is not even a single memorable scene for Lilly with Tillu, unlike Radhika, who has many in the first part.

In Tillu Square, it’s all about Siddhu’s one man show. Lilly’s job is to deliver a hot glam and bring chic looks onscreen, which she delivered without any issue.

And it shows when Radhika appears on screen for a brief episode in Tillu Square, the entire theater erupts with the response, showing the same. The conclusion is it is Neha Shetty all the way as Radhika dominated Lilly, Anupama Parameswaran.