Ram Charan - Disney Plus Hotstar - AmbassadorRam Charan is now the brand ambassador for Disney Plus Hotstar in Telugu states. A unique ad has been shot for the same, which has now become the talk of the town.

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The usually reticent Ram Charan is seen having a blast here. He has taken OTT quite literally and goes with the over-the-top flow throughout the ad. However, it also consists of a shock that is hard to understand initially. The combined effect of OTT-ness and dubbing is the reason for instant apprehension reaction.

The voice of Ram Charan has been dubbed. It is surprising because it is for the Telugu audience, and Charan is a Telugu star. But, one must also keep in mind that the whole thing is shot as a musical. The magician in the carnival is singing while introducing us to the world (Mana Vinoda Viswam). It could be why Charan’s voice is dubbed.

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With increasing competition in the market Disney Plus Hotstar, too is trying its best to gain a foothold in the Southern markets. It is expected to rope in few more stars as well for other regional languages. An official confirmation regarding the same is awaited, though.

Check out the Ram Charan’ ad below. It is his second ad back to back in recent times. Only a day before he had done one for Suvarnabhoomi Developers.

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