It is officially announced that Ram Charan will partner with Sukumar for his next film which has been titled RC17. There is a lot at stake with this project as it will have the ‘Rangasthalam’ combination hype and also mark the coming together of Charan, who is a known face up North with RRR, and Sukumar who has Pushpa 1 and 2 up his sleeve.

Sukumar’s immediate next film Pushpa 2 is keenly anticipated up North thanks to the kind of reach that the first part got. If Pushpa 2 works big time across the pan-Indian belt, then the combination hype on RC17 will hit the roof.

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For the Hindi audience, RC17 will mark the coming together of RRR hero and Pushpa director which makes for a grand amalgamation. This will be a huge deal.

The penetration of Pushpa 2 in Hindi will rub positively into Sukumar’s image and subsequently onto RC17. The RRR hero factor will be one of the mainstays nevertheless. If Game Changer also works well up north, then it will add to the prospects.

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This project is still in the very early stages of production so things can take interesting turns and the cast additions will also come into play. But the primary aspect here is the success of Pushpa 2, as the deeper the penetration of the this film, more the increase in RC17’s prospects.