Rajamouli NTR RRR

Bollywood’s biggest project to date, Ramayan has been in the discussions for many years now. While there are way too many speculations about the project every now and again, there is still no clarity on when it will actually materialize.

On one side, we keep hearing that Ranbir Kapoor, Sai Pallavi, and others are playing the lead roles in the film but on the other hand, the pre-announcement phase is a debacle.

If we observe Rajamouli’s films, he is a master of setting the stage and marketing his films. He makes a big announcement on the project with his lead stars, like how he did with Baahubali and RRR. Whatever buzz and speculations that follow with regard to the cast and crew will only add to the buzz.

But in the case of this Bollywood Ramayan, there is too much noise with very little substance. It has gotten to a point where even followers are taking this film lightly as they keep hearing multiple updates every week without the project even being announced. Leaving space for so much social media glare without the actual announcement meant that this film is being taken lightly by many.

As it appears, Bollywood has a lesson or two to learn from Rajamouli’s stage-setting and marketing.