Salaar is the most hyped film of the year, riding on huge expectations due to the combo factor. Director Prashanth Neel, coming off a gigantic hit like KGF2 and working with a pan-India star like Prabhas, stands as the main reason.

When everyone thought Prashanth Neel was delivering another massive hit, the Salaar trailer surprisingly exposed his weakness.

The huge-budget film’s trailer looked like a rehash of KGF 2 and the recent Kannada disaster Kabzaa. For the first time, Prashanth Neel is under fire and facing trolls for a weak trailer, with netizens asking him to come out of the KGF hangover and create something original.

Strangely, the director known for his massive elevations failed in this aspect as well. Prabhas’s fans are hoping the film will be better.

Even with this weakest trailer, there won’t be any issue with the openings, but it has surely diluted the hype around the film. It is now crucial to open to good talk and positive reviews right from the first shows.