A few things can kindle fire even without live coal and one among those few things is the casting couch issue taken up by actress Sri Reddy. When the heat was on, Rakul Preet Singh was on the receiving end because she said that she didn’t experience any such thing in Tollywood.

However, she acknowledged that there are artists who faced the harassment. Now, Samantha almost responded in a similar manner about casting couch. She too said that there is casting couch in the film industry like anywhere else. But, she is lucky enough to work with not only good people but also for not experiencing casting couch.

We know that Rakul Preet Singh was severely attacked by Sri Reddy when she responded on the casting couch. But, this late response from Samantha has saved her, big time. If she had said the same when Sri Reddy was on the top of her world, it would have been entirely a different episode. What say?