It has been over two months since the release of Animal but Sandeep Reddy Vanga is still not done defending the film with all his might. In one such attempt, he has given an indirect Dhamki to Bollywood superstar SRK.

In a recent awards event, SRK said his interpretation of a hero is a good guy. “I only do film which have something good to convey. I only play positive characters. That is my responsibility with a wide range of audiences watching my films. If there is a bad guy in my film, he has to die a dog’s death”. This was seen by many as a direct implication of the negative characterization of Animal’s main lead.

Shortly after, Vanga was asked about his perception of a hero and he replied “Many people don’t understand the idea of a hero. They believe only a good man should be a hero. This interpretation is not right according to me. They expect the hero to give a lecture in the climax, where he admits to all his mistakes, they expect him to die a dog’s death”.

This is being seen as a direct satire on Shah Rukh and social media is abuzz that Sandeep has taken his ego game to a new level by indirectly mocking SRK himself.

But notably, Sandeep had also mentioned in the same interview that he is a big fan of SRK and he wants to work with the star hero sometime in the future.