In the past two weeks, Ayan Mukerji has been busy shooting a thrilling chase scene in Spain for “WAR 2,” starring Hrithik Roshan and NTR.

A popular Bollywood news portal caused a stir by suggesting that Ayan used body doubles for Hrithik and NTR in these action-packed scenes. This led to some online mockery directed at NTR, with people questioning Ayan’s decision and the actors’ abilities.

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However, making high-budget Bollywood movies is quite complex. One of the techniques used in filmmaking involves creating a VFX plate, essentially a scene’s backdrop, without any actors or props. This VFX plate replaces the traditional green or blue screens, providing a canvas for actors to perform their scenes in a controlled studio environment. Hollywood also used this method for superhero films like The Avengers.

The trolling aimed at NTR, Hrithik, and the “WAR 2” team doesn’t make much sense, as it’s a standard technique. These trolls are fans of a few other stars who display their insecurity that their favorite hero is not getting to star in such huge movies.

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On the other hand, it’s important for media outlets to be mindful about revealing filmmaking secrets. It’s like exposing the tricks behind a magic show, taking away the wonder.

Let’s keep the magic of cinema alive, and if the VFX doesn’t look good when the movie comes out, that’s the right time for criticism. Until then, let’s appreciate the artistry and hard work that goes into these fantastic scenes.

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