Soch Liya - Radhe ShyamThe second single from the Hindi version of Radhe Shyam, Soch Liya, is out now. It is an instant winner. The classy number gets it all right and is sure to take curiosity on Radhe Shyam much higher.

The combo of Mithoon and Arijit is a blockbuster one in Hindi. They delivered with the first single, ‘Aashiqui Aa Gayi’, and now they are at it again with the second one, ‘Soch Liya’.

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Right from the beginning, the song hooks the listeners. There is definitely an inspiration from a western song for the core melody, but it all comes beautifully together. It is a slow melancholic song and will instantly register in the minds.

When it comes to the music, the Hindi version gives Radhe Shyam considerable momentum with its instantly appealing songs. On the other hand, the Southern versions are slow burners that would take time to get used to. However, they, too, are good.

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Check out the lyrical video below. T-Series is doing an excellent job with Radhe Shyam’s song in Hindi. A buzz is slowly getting built. The final theatrical trailer will seal the deal concerning Radhe Shyam’s movie’s fate in Hindi.

Radha Krishna Kumar directs Radhe Shyam. Prabhas and Pooja Hegde play the lead in the romantic drama. Radhe Shyam hits the big screens worldwide on January 14th in multiple languages.

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