Trailer Talk: Urban Comedy With Adult DialogueYoung actor Raj Tharun is badly in need of commercial success. He is now awaiting the release of his forthcoming film, Stand Up Rahul which has been under the wraps for a long time now.

The trailer of Stand Up Rahul was unveiled a short while ago and it implies that the film is an urban comedy. As the title suggests, Raj Tharun plays Rahul, a stand up comedian.

Rahul loses 3 jobs in a year due to his sarcasm before he decides to become a stand up comedian. This is when Shreya, played by Varsha Bollamma enters his life and what follows is the journey of the young couple.

The stand up comedy track in the trailer looks fresh, but it almost exclusively caters solely to the urban audience. The adult dialogues are also aimed at the class audience. Raj Tharun looks to be at ease as he tries something new with the stand up comedian role.

Going by the trailer, Stand Up Rajul is an urban comedy with a relatively fresh appeal. But for films like these to connect with the audience, the emotional core needs to be intact. There should also be a certain degree of relatability and heart-warming elements in the narrative. Will the Raj Tharun starrer tick the box? We will know the answer on 18 March when the film releases.