Producer Daggubati Suresh BabuEntire industry is stressed about the happenings in Andhra Pradesh. The Government is in the revenge mood and has taken the industry to 2012 with its controversial Rates G.O. Despite many consultations, the Government is not yielding.

Many big films starting with Balakrishna’s Akhanda are lined up for release in the next few months and they can not survive at this rates. While the producers are very worried, one man – Suresh Babu is not at all bothered. He has been part of initial delegations of TFI to AP Government.

He has distanced from the issue after Jagan Government is after his Vishakapatnam studio. And also, his close associates say he is quick to realize it is going to be a futile exercise to convince Jagan. So, Suresh Babu is not getting involved in this issue at all.

Andhra Pradesh Government can not even impact an inch of Suresh Babu’s business. He is leaving no room of sentiments and is pushing all his films to OTT. Probably he is even making more money than what the movies would have made in the theaters. There are reports he is also decreasing his lease theaters in AP