'Change' Started In Andhra PradeshThe local elections in Andhra Pradesh are almost done. Unless there are any By-elections coming up, there is no major election season until 2024. The election results of yesterday and today were marred by the hype around Kuppam. But then, there is a lot to read between the lines.

For the position of not contesting elections only a few months ago to tight contest at many places, TDP has clearly improved. If we discount the unanimous segments, the gap between TDP and YSR Congress is very narrow in Coastal Andhra barring Nellore maybe.

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The trend is similar in Urban and Rural areas as well. MPTC and ZPTC elections were supposed to be one-sided towards YSR Congress due to the impact of freebies but there is a serious contest here as well indicating the signs of anti-incumbency. Interestingly, things have changed so much in just six months.

Luckily for YSR Congress, the gap is so wide in Rayalaseema and Nellore. TDP is still struggling in its traditional Strongholds as well. But then, anti-incumbency is like a wildfire. With elections more than two years to go, I can easily catch up in Rayalaseema. Even if it is 70-30 in favor of Rayalaseema, we will arrive at 2014 scenario.

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Usually, the first three years of the term is a honeymoon period for any governments. It should be easily the case for a government so much dependent on freebies. But this sort of anti-incumbency is a shocker. Jagan can ignore at his peril.