Nihkil SwayambhuFollowing the pan Indian success of Karthikeya 2, Nikhil has placed his focus firmly on the pan Indian market. He has been announcing one pan Indian film after another.

The latest announcement from Nikhil is Swayambhu, a pre historic war film. The first look poster of the same was unveiled a short while ago.

Incidentally, there has been a fair bit of criticism and negative feedback for the first look poster of this period film.

“It is good that you’re trying different films. But you should also keep in mind your image. The warrior look doesn’t suit you at all. You’re better off sticking to your strengths. Experiments like these at the wrong time don’t bode well,” a netizen commented.

Another netizen commented that this look doesn’t suit Nikhil at all and he should be careful about such gross makeovers at this point in his career.

Nikhil’s career saws positive bump with Kartikeya 3 and this is the time he should make films that please all sections of the audience. There’s evidently poor feedback for Swayambhu. Will Nikhil take this into consideration and pick subjects and looks that suit him in the future? We shall wait and see.