Tollywood-Active-Producers-GuildTollywood Active Producers Guild had called for an indefinite strike on film shootings starting from the 1st of August. Cut to now, there is some progress in this regard as the Film Chamber and Producers Guild have taken three big decisions.

The first one is regarding the resumption of film shoots. In the newly held meeting, it was decided that the film shootings will resume from the 24th of this month, putting an end to the three-week-long strike.

Another important decision that was taken here is that all the forthcoming films will have to enforce strict OTT regulations. All the forthcoming releases will have to hold back on the OTT release for at least 8 weeks from the theatrical release date.

The third decision is that there will be no more daily remunerations for actors. Meaning, all the actors will be paid for the film, as a whole, and not on the number of days they work. This will mark an end to the long-standing day-wise pay tradition.